Sonny Burniston

Second Year Bioengineer

"I found that the variety of different modules within my first year kept me engaged and also very interesting. I also thought the support and feedback from the department was very good throughout the year. I also enjoyed seeing how the work of Bioengineers can go on to influence people's lives and areas of research available in the future. My advice would be that even if things seem new and difficult at times which they will you should persevere because things always turn out okay in the end"


Meha Vora

First Year Bioengineer

I chose bioengineering because it was the perfect balance between the medical, scientific world and the applied, engineering world. In these first few weeks at Imperial, I’ve already started to understand how modules such as medical science can be used in an engineering context to provide a mechanical solution to a medical problem. The variety of modules continue to fascinate me.


Marta Mambrilla Velazquez

Second Year Bioengineer

Hey Freshers! Im Marta, a second year student. A year ago I was in your position. I remember I was a bit nervous about coming to Imperial and you probably are too. Your first few weeks might be a bit hectic and you might feel a bit overwhelmed, but don't worry everyone is very nice and will help you go through those first days here. Don't be scared to ask anyone department, we will all be happy to help. Soon you will get settled and enjoy greatly your first year at Imperial. Don't forget to attend to the events organised by our society like the term bashes and the Christmas dinner, great opportunity to get to know everyone! Oh and remember to sign up to the mums and dads program, it's great to get in touch with older students which will give you tips about life in uni, advice on studying etc. I hope you have a warm welcome and see you soon 🙂


Royal School of Mines, Imperial College,

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