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ICBE President

Current President: Poppy Oldroyd

As president you get to oversee everything that goes on in the society and make key decisions! You also get to interact with the CGCU to ensure bioengineering has a voice as a society. You have financial responsibility for the club and have the chance to lead a committee of over 10 people. It is the most rewarding position going!


Current Vice-President: George Morgan

The vice-president is responsible for the day-to-day running of the society. This includes preparing agendas for, and running, weekly committee meetings. As VP you also have to help out where needed, so you'll dip your toes into all different areas of the committee.


Current Treasurer: Alisdair Stevenson

As treasurer, I ensure money is available to fund the large range of events throughout the year. This involves being actively involved in organising and planning events, enabling the society’s funds to be efficiently allocated, writing the annual budget for next year’s committee and assisting in sourcing funding from external and internal organisations.

Social Secretary

Current Social Secretaries: Dimitra Marmaropoulou & Sarah Underwood

Social Events coordinators are in charge of organizing all the fun events the society runs each year! Other than organizing and improving current events we run, you can help us have even more things for our society members to enjoy.

Student Welfare Officer

Current Student Welfare Officer: Adrian Beersing-Vasquez

The student welfare officer is responsible for organising events with a focus of stress relief. You can interpret this as organising day outings to experience London’s cultural side, sports events competing with or against other departments at Imperial, or in any other way you can think of! The position is a relatively new one, so you will have a lot of freedom to be creative. If you have any questions about the role, don’t hesitate to contact Adrian!

Publicity Officer

Current Publicity Officer: Xian Zhang

Manager of all official social media platforms (eg facebook, linkedin). Design publicity materials such as event posters, logos, merchandise. Make sure the communication between the society and student bodies are well covered.

Technical Events Officer

Current Technical Events Officer: Abhishek Roy

As Technical Events officer my primary responsibility is to make students aware of the technical facilities available on campus and introduce them to new skills and events. Some examples are the web development workshops, 3D printing workshop and upcoming Latex and Arduino workshops. My greatest responsibility is to organise HealthHack which is a medical device hackathon with around 150 participants.


Current Secretary: Alex Gutierrez

- Book rooms for meetings and events (eActivities/talking to department administrative staff)
- Attend all meetings
- Take notes during the meeting about the new developments, action points for the coming weeks
- Send Bioengineering bulletin twice a month
- Have a good overview of all the events

Sponsorship Liaison

Current Sponsorship Liaison: Jieni Wang

Contact previous sponsors and look for new sponsors for the society, work on increasing the exposure of Bioeng Soc to companies, help Mr Ferguson with Careers fair. 
Maintain close relationships with sponsors, fulfill contracts, help with sponsorship for IC Health Hack.
Help organise careers related events throughout the year (e.g. UROP101)


Current Webmaster: James Urban

The main role of the Webmaster consists of creating a useful hub both for sponsorships and students alike. How that is acheived is completely up to the individual. This role has a lot of room for freedom and creativity depending on the requirements of the committee and the view of the Webmaster.

Royal School of Mines, Imperial College,

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