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Anthony Bull: Head of Bioengineering 

"Engineers change the physical and virtual world through creating new technologies for the benefit of humankind.” I put that phrase in quotes, because I can’t believe that I’m the first to say it… but I do fully subscribe to it. I think that most people have an innate desire to do something that has value – an ‘honourable job’ – and engineering, although like all things having the potential for harm, has great value for society. Bioengineering, in particular, satisfies that desire through its fruits in benefit people’s health and wellbeing. For me, even better than being a Bioengineer is the fact that I can do that as well as be part of educating and training the next generation of Bioengineers who, I know, will do far greater and impactful things in their careers than I can even envisage."


Poppy Oldroyd: President Bioengineering Society

I chose bionengineering because it was the perfect balance between the medical, scientific world and the applied, engineering world. In these first few weeks at Imperial, I’ve already started to understand how modules such as medical science can be used in an engineering context to provide a mechanical solution to a medical problem. The variety of modules continue to fascinate me.


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